Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Saga Continues

Well, without any expectations, "Dennis" the rooster was sitting on my front door step. Imagine my surprise when I opened the front door. I about clucked over.

BUT, I have an empty aviary and I thought I could "shoo" him in for an hour in the pouring rain.

There I was with arms open, heading my chicken boy into my empty coop... do you think we would go? NO WAY....

"Okay" Dennis, you can roost again tonight..I hope in the tallest tree.... but if a coyote (oh my gosh) has you for chicken dinner, I tried to save you.
There you go.... to be continued.


Anonymous said...

such a funny story Barb, you have such a soft Heart for animals...I can tell !!!!!
I remember the Roosters on my Grandpa's Farm...even have a few sitting around in my Kitchen these days lol
Liane :-)

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I'm so glad you found Dennis... If you already have a coop or a pen, you can catch him whenever he decides to take a nap on the fence. They sorta go into a trance when they sleep and you can snatch him up and put him under your arm then. Put him in his pen for about 2 weeks, not letting him out. From then on out, he should go back into his pen whenever the weather is bad, or it starts getting late. You can then close his door to keep a predator from getting him. Hope it works... I used to have a couple of hens who insisted on going to sleep on top of the gate. I'd have to go grab them up quickly at dusk every night and put them on the perch in the coop every evening. They finally got the idea. Good luck