Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Saga Begins

Got home yesterday from running errands, husband in tow, message on machine. "This is Dennis and I delivered your rooster"... SAY WHAT? says I.

Oh Oh, some months back a gentleman that was helping with construction on the old homestead told me about a neighbor's rooster that was crowing all night and keeping his household wide awake. He told me he was going to find a new home for that rooster.
I told him not to take drastic steps as I would probably get some chickens when I had adequate fencing and I would give that rooster a home.

Fast forward to yesterday.

The lady that owned the rooster is very ill and can't keep him. So, my friend Dennis has been feeding and caring for that loud bird. As a matter of fact, he has formed a bond with this rooster but can't keep him. She asked him to find a new home for her beloved Rooster. He remembered our conversation.

Need I say more?

I now have a free roaming rooster named Dennis. He's obviously an adult and will not stay behind the fenced corral. He just crows and flies over. He seems friendly enough, and apparently can take care of himself - as he was waiting at the gate for me this morning. Of course I fed him. What's a girl to do?

Princess looked him over then proceeded to ignore him UNLESS I start chicken talking to him.. then, she trots over and pushes me.. This behavior is interesting to say the least.

Poor Dennis is at risk for loose dogs and coyotes. We'll see how this saga continues.

Oh almost forgot, I called the neighbors and told them that Dennis might visit and that I have no control over his behavior.. They all were anxious to meet him. There is a distinct possibility that photos may follow....


Joanne Huffman said...

Good luck with the rooster. I look forward to photos.

Barbara Hagerty said...

There was a rooster somewhere in the neighborhood, right in the middle of the city, when I was growing up. No one could find him or who kept him, and most of the people hated it, but I used to love waking up to him! Nothing better than birdsong and roosters...not so sure about woodpeckers, though.