Friday, April 25, 2008

A Knight in a Shiny White Truck

The Washing Machine Saga Continues.....
I found the original paper work that came with my Maytag friend. It brought back memories of 17 years ago - you can tell, I'm still being melancholy about my poor washer.

I called the store I bought it from "Maytag Appliances" - which has moved and become "Grants Pass Appliances". The friendly fellow, who was a techie type, said we'd better come look at it - those old Maytag's last forever. Yes, I replied, do come out and visit.

Yesterday morning he arrived. I swear he looked EXACTLY like the Maytag man on TV. Same height, hair color and laid back manner. After he took her apart, he exclaimed, she'll live. Seems two belts broke and could easily be replaced, and he did. He showed me the motor, the tub, the belts, the built in filter and proclaimed this machine is in excellent shape and will last another 30 years. It is remarkable healthy.

HOORAY, I shouted. I love that machine I told him. This kind very talkative man, (and this is a true story) embraced this machine and said "I do too". He went on to tell me about the clutch, the motor, the way the belts work. He described other machines and pointed out the difference between old and new washers. I could tell his obsession was for Maytags. No wonder he had a big MAYTAG embroidered on his shirt.

We parted company, the three of us, the Maytag Worshiper aka the knight in a shiny white truck, a happy woman able to wash clothes again and my check made out for $130.00.

It was a small price to pay for such a good friend.
The laundry is done.

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Moony said...

I wish I had adventures that worked out this well and fun. Glad your machine didn't die on ya. Luckily you got a knight to help you solve your problem whom had a warm smile and soft heart. I would have been looked at like a crazy person if I'd said I love my machine. (I get that look alot anyway.)

I've been browsing through your blog most of the morning and am hoping that you'll join us at Monday Artday ATC. I think you can help inspire many people with your creativity and imagination and I'd love to be able to keep up with your goings on.