Sunday, April 20, 2008

A cycle that passed rinse on the dial

I have to blog this right now....or I will change my mind. What a day, no artwork, just "stuff"...the most significant thing that happened was the loss of a dear Maytag washing machine. Who could ignore the smell or rubber and the haze coming from my laundry room? Only my husband. I was simply doing a small load of dish cloths when the fatality occurred.

My washer is 17 years old and it has been a good friend through all settings. It's washed our clothes in good form, our rags, some canine blankets for some good woofers I've lost in the last 17 years (thank goodness I lost them to old age) - and stayed looking pretty good. Dependable, that's what I will remember. In this day and age, how will I replace it?

I'm celebrating a 64th birthday this year and feeling pretty old. Now that my beautiful washer has passed, I really feel old. Mary Engelbreit said it right "We are always the same age inside" Seems to be true for me, but not my dear washer. Fare thee well dear washer...

Oh yes, I'm picking up new glasses tomorrow because my eye sight has changed. Maybe, just maybe - things will look better.

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