Thursday, May 1, 2008

April's over HOORAY

This was not a good April.

Usually, it's a great month for me, my birthday, spring flowers, new beginnings. Not this month.

First the washing machine (I know you are sick of that cycle), then the brakes on the truck went out, it's still freezing at night and I can't decide if I like the rain or snow, probably neither at this point and finally, husband is mowing and the mower machine spits a rock the size of a small meteorite through the large glass window above my kitchen sink. I was standing there and dodged the glass. Can you imagine? It was a double paned glass and the rock went through all layers, including the screen. I can only imagine that the earth is sick and tired of the changing climate and in it's frustration belched a rock through my window. For pity sakes.

The only good memories from April are the presents and cards I received for my birthday. I want to share a couple with you.
Check out this crow from Kathy. She sent him to me for good luck and I needed it. Then friend Amy sent me a hand-made ATC Book. I have yet to fill it but that will come later.

I welcome the month of May with hope and good thoughts.

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