Thursday, August 25, 2011


I really love that song "Sometimes a Diamond, sometimes a Stone" cause it was a HUGE stone today. We had a tree root break up the garage floor so the tree (a few months ago) had to go. Today, a part of the garage floor was removed and tomorrow it will be poured. I've included a pix of that darn root. Oh well.

Don went with his caretaker today bowling. They were gone about 3 hours and I did absolutely nothing. I had "wash", "cleaning" and well you know... but I sat on my butt all day. No art, NOTHING... That makes me feel guilty as hell.

Don was so mixed up tonight. Honestly, he is so much worse. Can't find the bathroom, not sure what's going on. GADS....sometimes the "love" is lost.... then I find it again.

Princess developed a swelling on a hind leg near her hock. It sure wasn't because of too much exercise... but, it worried me all day. Tonight, it looks better. She was very upset because the noise of the work in the garage made a herd of 8 deer jump and run outside her corral ... well, she jumped and ran too. I think she sprained something. I have to admit it was something to see her rear, buck and run like a deer. I think it was play time. At her age it needs to be more subdued....

I hope your day was diamonds.

Praying for the folks on the East Coast with Hurricane Irene approaching. AND, I think I'm bad off, the people of Libya are in my prayers.


Joanne Huffman said...

Never feel guilty about taking a rest during your respite time ~ remember, you have to stop and tread water or you'll never be able to swim across The Channel. Still sending prayers your way.

Diann said...

Thinking of you, Barbara and sending positive thoughts your way.

johnthesquire said...

Hey Barbara, if you ever need anything we are a stones throw away.
Keep in touch.
John & Cathy