Monday, February 25, 2008

Second Day

Say, this blogging might be fun. A friend named Sue just commented on my blog and linked us together. Is that cool or what?

The stars didn't happen last night but they are all sitting here being charged by the light filtering through my art room window. I have trouble calling it a studio, it's always been a craft room, now I'm using art room. Oh well, you know what it means. Yesterday I finished a birthday card for a good friend. It's an easy one to make - I couldn't resist the ladies, because it looks like her and I are enjoying lunch together. The one drinking beer has to be me......

Today, I will work on my banner. Incidentally, that sweet face above in my partial banner is Lucy Goose Black, my little girl. She's asleep on the Afghan that covers the heat vent in my studio or craft room or art room..... Hey, I'm back and the partial banner is gone but certainly, in my heart, not forgotten.

I have to share Lucy's scrapbook page....It's her personal journal.


Susan said...

This card is so funny - love those "girls." Your little Lucy is adorable - reminds me of our Boomer.

Lily Pepper said...

Welcome to the blogging world. You've been tagged. Visit my blog to check out the rules! Sue