Sunday, May 5, 2013

Catching Up

Sure been a while since I posted. I have my ups and downs after losing Don. I'm volunteering to help the Southern Oregon Horse Racing Association put on the horse races at the fairgrounds. Seems the county won't do it anymore. I do mostly clerical things, spreadsheets, newsletters, etc. I've sure learned a whole lot about horse racing. I have 8 girl friends and we meet once a month. We call ourselves the Old Nag Group. Almost all of those friends own thoroughbred or Quarter Horse race horses -  and will participate in the fair racing program. So far about 300 horses are signed up.  I still brag my old horse can out run any of them, especially if food is involved.

Speaking of her -- Princess has shed her winter coat and is slick and beautiful. I think she belongs in the movies with that flowing black mane and tale. Besides she the kindest girl you will ever meet. Good thing I have her, I would be lost without her whinny, sweet muzzling to my cheek and most of all being around the barn, getting dirty and smelling like horse and hay... 

I also have joined an on-line dating service for farmers. I only want a friendship and then someday, it might be more. I've sure met some nice people on that list and find it is fun to read about the participants, what they do and where they live. Makes the lonely nights more tolerable. Most of these folks love the outdoors and enjoy their country lives. Me too.

That's about it. I've done a few new art things and will post them another time. I hope if you read this you are doing well and enjoying some great spring weather. It's finally arrived in Merlin.



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