Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'll probably delete this in the morning...

Here I am. It's about 8:30 PM and all is going to bed in this household. Husband with AZ is in for the night.

The wiener dogs are in their crates in the bedrooms with a blanket over their crates. I call it their cabana... I read the "Kindle" at night so I don't want to keep them up.

Princess, my beloved horse, has her stall to the barn open and is munching her last bite of clover. All the lights are out with the exception of my big time mess crafty room -- that REALLY needs my attention. It's a wonder to me how one room can be so messy and the rest of the house be okay..... Guess that's what goes with the territory. Is that an artistic outlook? duh?

I've had company from CA for the last weeks or so. That's my excuse for not blogging. Gads.

I have to mention what happened to me yesterday or I will burst... like a big fat balloon.

Here's my story:

For the last few weeks I experienced foot pain. Sever to say the least. So off to the Dr. I went. He said I am getting a hammer toe. What the heck? When you get in your late 60's sh.... happens. A hammer toe? GADSZOOKS.

SO, I have NOT been riding my sweet horse.

Fast forward and a couple of days ago, I am headed out to saddle and ride her. Helmet is in place, boots are on, toe hurts a little .... but.... I am determined.

I take her in the round pen and saddle her. Okay.

I get on her with the "mounting step".... (It's a two step affair)... I am so afraid I will fall ... and... my toe hurts. But... on I go.

She packs me around the arena like old friends... for almost an hour. Then, I go to dismount against the stool and I cannot get off. I can't do it. FEAR, ANXIETY.. what is wrong with me? Princess and I stood there for at least an hour. She never moved. Finally, I got off and found my place on the dismounting stool.

THIS was an event I will never forget, ever. My horse is the kindest, sweetest friend I have in my life. I've had many horses in my life, but none as this kind hearted black Morgan mare. She takes me to a place that outlives my grief and sadness. Isn't that amazing?

On the artistic side... I am participating in a 32 page swap for a "transportation" fat book. Imagine, I changed my mind after creating 5 intense pages. Oh well, onward and up.

I probably made grammatical errors in this post, but what the heck. I'll probably delete it in the morning.



Joanne Huffman said...

How wonderful that Princess stood there for you and waited until you were ready. She really is a special friend to you. I hope things work out with your toe; foot pain is very distressing and interferes with so much. Don't worry about your messy studio - I bet I can outmess you at 30 paces.

Kris said...

why delete it? It's a great post about all things you :)
Hang in there!