Saturday, October 2, 2010


It was good to get comments from such dear friends. Yes, we are doing fine. Despite the stuff that is going on, I am enjoying my horse moment. It's amazing how the clip clop of hoofs going down our drive way makes me insanely happy.... My Princess is doing her job. If you read this message, I hope you find this kind of joy in your life...By the way, a close friend said Princess should be called "Butter Cup"... I ask her and she respectfully declined....


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Tere Maldo said...

Hey Barb
checked your blog to make sure you were still okay. Love the picture of you riding and the barn and corral look idyllic. Hope you and Princess are very happy and that Don is still hanging in there. I think about you all the time especially when I look at something that I know you like. We're going to a big dance tonight and I'll be dressed in ethnic clothing for Hispanic Heritage Month. I usually post pics of various outfits I wear on Facebook. Regards to the family!!