Friday, July 23, 2010

Had a Blog Detour

Hi Bloggers, it's been a while, actually a long time since I posted. Just lots of stuff going on at home. Every time I would think about posting, I just decided I didn't have the time. Also, my adventure with artsy stuff went sour for a while. Just couldn't get in the mood. I think I'm over that. Made some artsy commitments which forced me to create some pieces for swaps. It really helped. Made me feel good about myself. Art tends to that, doesn't it?

The barn is finished and looks great. Next week the ground leveling, arena, sand, etc. will be completed and finally I will welcome Princess home. I only see her every three or four days, but it is a wonderful thing to pet her, take her a treat, trot her around and breathe in that horsey odor I've missed for far too long. If you are a horse born lover, you will know what I mean. If not, you probably think I'm crazy. Maybe I am.....

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