Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog Barbara, just "Blog"


Today was a snowy weather day in So. Oregon.... I got the electric bill for December and passed out. OK, I'm up and running and do not want to see what the January bills will be... BUT, I'm blogging you a message and I only have about 3 followers... That's fun and I love you for keeping up with me..

It's a good friends birthday on the 1st but she is SO busy I don't know if she will celebrate. I hope so..

Congrats to my friends that clean their craft room. I have made a resolution but that is just "words"... Hopefully, I will spring into action and my creative muse will say "Get Organized" Barbara, and blog more... tada... Happy New Year my loyal followers, all three of you.

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Barbara Hagerty said...

There's always something wonderful on your blog, Barbara, and I love my stops here! I looked for a "follow" button, but couldn't find one. Happy New Year!