Sunday, September 20, 2009

Queen Anne Lace and the Cricut

Wow, what a They sell svg files for the Cricut. They are really good, clear and crisp files (Vectors)and the site offers great how-to videos. I was very taken with their flower cuts, especially the Queen Anne Lace. I followed their instructions and made this today. Sure gives me loads of ideas. Chirp.


Barbara Hagerty said...

This is gorgeous! I'm amazed at the intricate patterns and delicate designs that can be created! Beautiful!

Carol's stuff said...

Hi Barbara,
that is lovely. I just went to svgcuts and didn't see the info/file. Can you direct me please. This is sooo pretty!
love hugs and prayers

Clare D. said...

When I think of Queen Anne's Lace, I think of summer trips to Michigan and the road side flowers-Queen Anne's Lace! So, this one is a happy find. Thanks for sharing!