Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quiltie with an Asian Flair

This was a "stretch" project for me -- but it was fun. I do not sew, although I have a sewing machine. If the thread breaks, bobbin snags I have to get out the book. When I agreed to do a quiltie mingle - that involved sewing - needless to say I was worried.

But you know, it turned out OK. It was suppose to be square but my flap idea didn't work out - so the shape is a little different. It's suppose to hang on the wall and not be part of a quilt so I'm sure the recipient won't mind about the shape difference.

The dragon is cut from an Accucut die and is embellished with felting and jewels.


Barbara Hagerty said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!!! WOW!! I absolutely LOVE the shape, and everything about it, Barbara!! XOXO

Kate said...

Wonderful! What do you mean you can't sew!