Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Dress

This months inspiration is a summer dress with pretty colors. Using the old die cut machine, I cut out a Sizzix dress and accessories. Now if I could just stay on this diet, I would make me a paper dress to fit.


Peggy Louise said...

So glad to see you used Sizzix!! I didn't think anybody used it anymore!! I think it is still a great tool!!
Yes it is me again..Peggy from a group we were members of 2 years ago. And I cannot remember which group it was.
I haven't forgotten that I promised to trade with you when I was comfortable making ATCs again. Later tonight I am going to try and post some on my Blog that I managed to set up, and you can let me know if you would like to trade for one. It may take me a while, I am still new at it and have a difficult time sometimes adding something.
As for one of yours' are so talented I will let you surprise me with any of your creations (no pun intended)!! lol

Betty said...

Good work!! Really a nice summer dress design.

Adelynn said...

Wow..! This paper summer dress is looking awesome. Keep on the good work.