Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Edges that Work

At a recent artsy gathering, Susan shared a great tip. In the process of adding paper to metal, cut the paper larger than the metal surface and glue it down. Then, to remove that excess paper, use a sanding block around the edges. (Pull the sanding block in a downward motion - upward motion will tear the paper) The excess paper just falls off. Here's a scan of a metal piece, metal covered with paper and my handy sanding block. Check out the edge. P.S. Thanks to Yahoo Derek for providing me with two atc's in metal. Thanks to Susan for the tip AND the fact she bought her sanding block at Harbor Freight (10 for $2.00)Hers worked better than my dollar one. Later, when finished I will post a couple of my finished tinny signs.

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Veronica said...

OH i can't wait to see and thank you for the tip.