Tuesday, April 8, 2008


A while back (maybe a very long time ago), I became interested in knowing more about Martha Jane Canarray aka Calamity Jane (1848-1903 Born in Princeton, MO.) She was a hard drinking woman that wore men's clothing, used language that was questionable, chewed tobacco and could out-shoot most men. She was also known as the "White Devil of the Yellowstone" and helped many of the sick in Deadwood when a smallpox plague almost devastated the town. Her one true love was Bill Hickok and she was eventually buried next to him. OK, now you know the story as I do. Then along comes the series Deadwood on HBO. I never missed a single episode. The language was vile, but the story line and costumes were enchanting.
I loved the music, the beginning scenes of the horse running and drinking, the woman in the tub....I loved the portrayal of Jane, played by Robin Weigert. Darn, I miss Deadwood. So, fast forward and I'm in a swap making a western themed atc. Guess this is the long way around to showing you this artwork and share with you some of my research prior to creating it. I've posted the atc and some real pictures of Jane and hope you enjoy them. Yee Haw

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