Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tag, a finished project

Finished the tag last evening. Added more embellishments and color. Then, I made a second tag, complete with facts about crows. It occupies a pocket on the back. (The second tag with facts was not an original idea. It came from the crow zine I made several years ago. Another artist contributed the tag and the idea) Of interest, I used a new adhesive that I bought from Suze Weinberg's studio. It's called Locite Super Glue. It really worked well for the copper and metal objects. (I didn't use it on paper)
It is a strong glue and you must follow all of the instructions to use it safely, but it brushes on very easily and dries quickly.
Thanks Suze for finding another great product. So much for the tag project. It will soon be on it's way to friend Amy.


ghanes said...

Barb, Love the tag. Did you know I love crows also.
Gloria H.

Kate said...

Love everything about this wonderful tag project!

Kate A

catharinas-love said...

Looks great !