Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Inspired

Today has to be a die-cut day. Figure it is cause I just spent a bundle on some new dies. I think Ellison (Sizzix) must think I am rich. They keep teasing me with 50% off and who's not up for a sale? I'm not a clothes horse, I am a die horse. So, what have I been doing with my dies? Everything! Puzzle pieces and shrines are too much fun. This is my 6th year working with die cut machines.


Vicki R. said...

Great Blog. I love your writing and I especially like your beautiful puzzles piece.
Happy blogging girlfriend!

Veronica said...

wow you never cease to amaze me. I was gone for awhile on a business trip I am so glad I am home to check it out now. WOW

Susan said...

Love these shrines and puzzle pieces. You are the die-cut queent!